Zhenjiang Sinowa Polyurethane Equipment Co., Ltd.

Centralized Control System

All control of the PU sandwich panel production line is creatively highly integrated into one control center. Based on the SIMATIC WICC excellent SCADA system, Sinowa has developed its own system which is easier to handle and makes the production highly automated and transparent.

Processes are all controlled in operation room with advanced video system, infrared measurement and tracking system, fault-self diagnosis system. The operation of the whole production line is simple and convenient and it reduces the consumption of manpower and material resources greatly. Automation and humanization level reaches the international first-class level. PU sandwich panel continuous line is one of our features.

Sinowa sandwich panel line's manufacturing processing is centralized in the operation room, supplemented by advanced video systems, infrared measurement and tracking systems, and fault self-diagnosis systems, making the entire line simple and convenient to handle, greatly reducing manpower and material resources. Consumption, automation, and humanity have reached world-class standards.

Centralized Control System Technical Parameters

Centralized Control System layout Show desktop Control system structure type Operation
Integrated control room Siemens Touchscreen Linkage control system Steel structure and weld BUTTON START

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