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Stacking System

Sinowa vacuum suction cup mobile code stamping system is a specially designed for PU sandwich panel line system, which can precisely move and stamp materials to a designated height or numbers before going to the packaging procedure. When it has corrugated roof panels, a turnover device is necessary. The price of insulation machine is reasonable.

Stacking System Using sucker-type vacuum principle, the plate is transferred from the production line to the conveyor roller frame of the baler and placed on a certain height. Sinowa Stacking System is mainly composed of a driving-away mechanism, a lifting mechanism, a vacuum pump set and a control system, and can be fully automated without manpower. To maintain, this process can also be completed using a turning machine.

Stacking System Technical Parameters

Stacking system Minimum length of panel Maximum length of panel Thickness of panel structure type Control system
2m 15m 10-250mm Steel structure and weld Servo system

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Stacking System