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Packaging system

Sinowa's Packaging system for PU sandwich panel line, It is suitable for horizontally packing bar-shaped products by the use of thin plastic film or paper. This machine is made up of the packer and roller conveyors in front of and behind the packer as well as the stacking conveyor. An oscillating arm is equipped to grip and cut packing materials. Electric-heating filament is used to cut off the film. The film is pneumatically pinched. The package has a fashion appearance, good sealing, tight, moisture-proof, anti-rust, dust, injury prevention function. Sinowa offers pu sandwich panel machine for sale at present.

PU/PIR sandwich panel Packaging system is ideal for packaging sandwich panel. Packaging system is mainly composed of winding packaging machine, stacking conveyor, front conveyor, rear conveyor, film-membrane mechanism, and control system. The configuration is excellent and can be used by PLC control. Controller and man-machine touch screen, photoelectric tracking package length, precise positioning, adjustable tension band, can be used to assist the selection of water labeling device.

Packaging system Technical Parameters

Packaging system Winding rotating device Winding film winding device Wrapping style structure type Control system
CNC machine automatic 4 or 6 Steel structure and weld Servo system

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