Zhenjiang Sinowa Polyurethane Equipment Co., Ltd.

2018 New Year Officially Started With The Arrival Of Israeli Customers

As the saying goes: a timely snow promises a good harvest, the harder the more lucky, May we be lucky in the new year!

The customer is the second consecutive visit to sinowa since 2017.12 after the beginning of the first visit to the site, laid the second direct signing, of course, in the process can not see and see the team hard to pay too much, Due to jet lag, day and night to modify the drawings, confirm the technical parameters, time will make people grow and improve, will give hope and harvest.

Thanksgiving customers, Thanksgiving team, we hope 2018 lucky well-being!

Division I specializing in the production of high-end cold-formed equipment, in 2018 look forward to your visit!

Israeli Customers
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