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Mineral Wool PU Sandwich Panel Machine/Product Line

The mineral wool sandwich panel production line combines advanced Italian and Korean technology.

The entire production line includes unwinding system, film cutting system, press machine, preheating furnace, polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine, double track system, double track heating system, cutting system and so on. The unwinding system will prepare the steel plate for sheet metal pressing. The upper and lower pressed steel plates will enter the double crawler laminating machine as the PU foaming agent is injected into the PU. After 24 meters of movement and heating, they will bond together to produce the mineral wool sandwich panels. The cutting machine cuts the mineral wool sandwich panel into a certain length and packs it.

Mineral Wool PU Sandwich Panel

Characteristics of Mineral wool PU sandwich panel
Mineral wool PU sandwich panel rigid foaming is currently the best internationally recognized building fireproof insulation board. It has low thermal conductivity, good load resistance and high flexural strength. It does not absorb water and does not rot. It is bitten by insects and mice. It has good flame retardancy and a wide temperature range.

Processof Mineral wool PU sandwich panel
Utilizing the physical properties and unique formula of polyurethane (PU.PIR), the polyurethane foaming agent is evenly sprayed on the color coated steel plate and the foaming agent is foam-formed between the color-coated steel sheets into a three-layer one-time formed polyurethane (PU.PIR) color steel composite sandwich panel.
This new lightweight building material is the perfect combination of color coated steel and polyurethane, and is the development direction of light building materials.

The new fireproof mineral wool sandwich panel
The new fireproof mineral wool sandwich panels choose high quality two-layer color coated steel plate or other precision pressed metal sheets as panels. After roll forming, the stripped mineral wool is turned 90 degrees (the fibers are perpendicular to the upper and lower steel sheets). The high-quality mineral wool and metal panels are strongly bonded to form a beautiful, flat and tough building board through high-strength, high-adhesion and high-fireproof adhesive. The formed sheet has excellent fireproof, heat preservation and environmental protection features, which provides an excellent choice for industrial building envelope systems.
Mineral Wool PU Sandwich Panel
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