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Phenolic Foam Insulation Board Machine/ Production Line

The phenolic foam insulation board machine owned by the company is suitable for the molding of phenolic resin. The phenolic resin stock solution and the curing agent are mixed into the mixing head by a metering pump at a certain ratio, and are quantitatively poured into the mold. In order to ensure the process requirements, the equipment automatically controls the temperature of the material, the amount of discharge, and the pouring time. The machine is made of excellent materials, and all the parts in contact with the curing agent are processed with acid-proof materials to ensure the durability of the equipment.

Excellent fire resistance of phenolic foam insulation board
Organic insulation materials such as polyurethane and polystyrene will produce heavy smoke and toxic gases after burning, which will easily cause death and increase the difficulty of fire extinguishing. The phenolic foam insulation board does not ignite in case of fire. The combustion performance is equivalent to Class A, and the maximum operating temperature is 180 °C (allowing instantaneous 250 °C). The 100mm thick phenolic foam has a flame resistance of up to 1 hour without being penetrated. Under the direct action of the flame, it has carbon deposit, no dripping, no curl, no melting phenomenon. After the flame is burned, a layer of "graphite foam" is formed on the surface to effectively protect the foam structure in the layer.

Excellent thermal insulation performance of phenolic foam insulation board
The phenolic foam insulation board has low thermal conductivity (<0.025W/m・K, more than twice that of polystyrene, similar to polyurethane). It is an excellent material for heat preservation and heat insulation;

Chemical properties of phenolic foam insulation board: corrosion resistance and aging resistance
It is almost resistant to the attack of all inorganic acids, organic acids and organic solvents. It has no obvious aging phenomenon with long-term exposure to sunlight, so it has better aging resistance;

Physical properties of phenolic foam insulation board: Low density and light weight
Under the premise of meeting the strength requirements, the density of the phenolic foam insulation board is less than 50kg/m3, which can reduce the self-weight of the building, reduce the load of the building and reduce the structural cost. And the construction is simple and fast, which can improve the work efficiency;

Sound absorption performance of phenolic foam insulation board
The phenolic foam insulation board has excellent sound absorption performance, and the open-cell foam structure is more favorable for sound absorption;

Environmental protection of phenolic foam insulation board
Rockwool and glass wool have certain damage to the environment and people. Polyurethane and polystyrene will decompose hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and other gases when they are heated, causing people to suffocate in a short time. The phenolic foam insulation board adopts fluorine-free foaming technology and has no fiber, which meets the domestic and international environmental protection requirements.

Application of phenolic foam insulation board at home and abroad
Since the 1990s, phenolic foam materials have been greatly developed. First, they have been paid attention to by the military in the UK, the United States and other countries. They have been used in aerospace, defense and military industries, and later used in civil aircraft, ships, stations, oil wells, and other places where fire protection is required. It is gradually being promoted to public and civil buildings such as hospitals, sports facilities and residential buildings.

Both polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam are flammable. Combustion releases toxic gases and is not resistant to high temperatures. In some industrialized countries, it is restricted by the fire department. For departments with strict fire protection requirements, such as steel structure workshops, large industrial plants, mobile homes, cold storage, clean workshops, building plus floors, temporary houses, stadiums, supermarkets, etc., other buildings that require fire and heat insulation requirements, government departments have already specified the use of inflammable or non combustible materials. The related construction departments of France and Northern Europe believe that phenolic foams have better fire resistance, and the toxic fumes released when they are burned by fire are the least among all foams, and the environmental pollution is also minimal. Phenolic foams are also widely used in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Phenolic Foam Insulation Board
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