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Phenolic Insulation Board Machine/Production Line

The Phenolic Insulation Board Machine is a special equipment that produces phenolic insulation boards that the upper and lower layers are soft surface layers and the middle interlayer is flame retardant polyurethane, polyisocyanurate. The product is mainly used for exterior wall insulation. Its working principle is: The rigid foam plastic liquid is mixed into the mixing head by a metering pump of a filling machine and uniformly poured on the bottom surface of the sandwich panel. And it is fed into the laminating conveyor together with the upper layer material and is foamed and solidified between the upper and lower chain plates of the laminating conveyor. Cured and formed sandwich panels are cut into a certain length of the product as needed by automatic tracking machine after trimming on both sides on the production line.

Phenolic insulation board features

  • Excellent thermal insulation
The phenolic insulation board is a thermosetting plastic. It solidifies into a separate microcellular foam. The cell diameter is 50-80 microns. The thermal conductivity (λ value) is between 0.019-0.029w/m.k. (If according to the requirement of 65% of the national building energy saving, the 4cm thick phenolic hard foam board is equivalent to the insulation effect of 10cm thick polystyrene board.)
  • Excellent fire retardant
Phenolic insulation board is non-combustible (self-extinguishing), non-melting, non-flammable, non-deformable, no dripping, no smoke, no other toxic under the torch flame. It is a "safe and reliable" insulation fireproof material.
  • Good waterproof
The testing department detects that the water absorption rate of the phenolic insulation board is between 1-3%, and does not reduce the heat preservation effect and other adverse changes due to water absorption.
  • Unique sound insulation and water absorption
The phenolic insulation board itself has a unique sound insulation and sound absorption effect, and A value of the sound absorption coefficient is superior to other foam plastic sheets.
  • Tested weatherability
The phenolic insulation board is not aged, deformed, and does not deteriorate in the range of -160 ° C to 180 ° C (allowing the gap temperature to reach 250 ° C).
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
The Phenolic insulation board is very resistant to various acid and alkali chemical solvents
  • Born with light and strong quality
The phenolic insulation board itself has light weight and the density can be between 20-60kg/m3, and the strength increases as the density increases;
  • Fully in line with national energy conservation and emission reduction
The phenolic insulation board adopts the non-Freon foaming technology, which has zero emission to the environment and is beneficial to the protection of the earth's ozone layer. It is a "green" product.

Phenolic Insulation Board

The phenolic foam material is a polymer organic hard aluminum foil foam product which is foamed from a thermosetting phenolic resin. It has the characteristics of light weight, fire prevention, no burning, no smoke, no poison, no dripping. It can be used in a wide temperature range (-196~+200°C). It does not shrink or embrittle under low temperature. It is an ideal thermal insulation material for HVAC engineering. Since the phenolic foam has a high closed cell ratio, the thermal conductivity is low and the heat insulation performance is good. It has water resistance and water vapor permeability and is an ideal energy-saving material for insulation.

Since phenolic has a benzene ring structure, it is dimensionally stable and the rate of change is <1%. And its chemical composition is stable, it is anti-corrosion and anti-aging, especially it can resist organic solution, strong acid and weak alkali corrosion. In the production process foaming, it is not necessary to use Freon as a foaming agent in line with international environmental protection standards. Moreover, its molecular structure contains hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. When it is decomposed by high temperature, the gas that escapes is non-toxic and tasteless, and is harmless to the human body and the environment, and meets the requirements of national green environmental protection.

Therefore, the phenolic super composite board is the most ideal environmentally friendly green insulation material for fireproof, heat insulation, energy saving and beautiful appearance. Phenolic foam has the reputation of "king of insulation materials" and is a new generation of thermal insulation and sound insulation materials. At present, phenolic foam materials have developed rapidly in developed countries and have been widely used in construction, defense, foreign trade, storage, energy and other fields. Phenolic resin has accounted for 40% of the sound insulation and thermal insulation foam plastic used in the construction industry in the United States. Japan has also established the Phenolic Foam Popularization Association to promote this new material.
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