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PIR Sandwich Panel Machine/Production Line

Sinowa has world-class Polyurethane sandwich panel production equipment. It adopts the world's advanced online industrial microcomputer automation operation, so that the precision of the surface of the polyurethane insulation board can be controlled at 0.01cm. It can produce polyurethane wall panels, polyurethane roof panels, polyurethane edge-sealing rock wool panels, cold storage panels, garage door panels, etc. Soft surface layer and four wave peak products can be produced. It is the most advanced polyurethane composite board production line in the industry with high output and strong quality. The annual productivity can reach more than 1.3 million square meters.

Polyurethane sandwich panels are polyurethane insulation sandwich panels for construction, also known as anti-leakage sandwich panels, polyurethane rigid foam insulation panels, polyurethane composite panels, PU panels, and the like. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving building envelope material with wide application and great potential. It is also a new type of energy-saving panel promoted by the Ministry of Construction.

Polyurethane is mixed and foamed by a mixture of two-component AB material (isocyanate and combined polyether). It is the lowest thermal conductivity of the thermal insulation material. The thermal conductivity is 0.017~0.024 (the lower the thermal conductivity, the better the thermal insulation effect). Polyurethane sandwich panel is made of polyurethane filling and infusion process. The insulation board is prefabricated in advance and then installed directly on site.

PIR Sandwich Panel
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