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Polyurethane Building Panels Machine/Prodcution Line

The production line of polyurethane building panels machine is capable to always and effectively produce extremely good PU two insulation panels. We spare no efforts to enhance our product high-quality and technological reliability with the aid of employing the most trendy and the most reliable assist and strategies to make our merchandise pretty dependable and endurable. As a result, the production line of our soft layer insulation panels is highlighted by many perfect qualities. It is the core thinking in Sinowa's product roadmap to surpass our competitors in phrases of format philosophy, manufacture strategies and provider level, going for excellence and main function and making the consistent improvement on our products and services, which is also our core value machine to create effectivity and convenience for our customers.

Insulation material is an important branch of the polyurethane industry. Its characteristics are multi-purpose, and it has the functions of heat preservation and waterproof. These products have been in use for 40 years in the European construction industry since the 1960s. Some countries have also passed legislation to use polyurethane as a thermal insulation material for the construction industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's building energy-saving market, polyurethane rigid foam insulation products have been widely used in the field of building insulation and waterproofing, and have become one of the leading energy-saving products in the market.

Polyurethane (polyurethane, abbreviated as PU) is a polymer compound containing a plurality of repeating -NHCOO groups on a polymer primary bond. Polyurethane series products are generally polymer compounds obtained by polymerization of binary or polybasic organic isocyanates and polyols under the action of various auxiliaries. When both main materials contain only two or less hydroxyl functional groups, the polymerization results in a linear structure of the compound. If one or both of the main materials have three or more functional groups, a polymer having a bulk structure can be obtained. Due to the different structure of the polymer, the performance varies greatly. Just like steel, although it is iron-carbon alloy, the iron-carbon ratio is different and the heat treatment process is different.
And its performance is completely different. Polyurethane raw materials are widely used in various industries. Due to the different industrial characteristics and products produced, the performance requirements of composite materials with polyurethane as the main raw material are also different. The polyurethane rigid foam (SPF), which is responsible for the thermal insulation and waterproof function, is also completely different from the polyurethane (PUR) used for the refrigerator and cold storage only for insulation. Their appearance looks very similar. However, as a building insulation and waterproof integrated material, polyurethane rigid foam breaks the common problem of traditional building materials. The common problems are their single functions that the waterproof material is not insulated or the material that can be insulated is not waterproof or the insulation layer loses its heat preservation function once the waterproof layer leaks. Compared with other single-function insulation or waterproof materials, polyurethane rigid foam has obvious advantages. 

Polyurethane Building Panels
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