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PU Roof Panel Machine/Production Line

Our polyurethane roof panel machine is designed with reasonable and advanced technology. Different plate types can be produced by changing the pressure roller in the same machine. At the same time, it is controlled by computer controller program, and the length is automatically fixed and cut off. It is simple and convenient to cooperating the touch screen operation.

The features of polyurethane roof panel:
Polyurethane roofing panel is suitable for industrial buildings with a roof inclination of 3%. Polyurethane roofing panel is the self-cleaning high-grade panel that reduces the amount of dust accumulated on the roof. It keeps the roof of buildings with polyurethane roof panels permanently crystallized. Its high peaks increase the bearing capacity of the roof panel. Polyurethane roofing panel has the characteristics of large span, fast drainage and convenient installation. The lap joint of the panels is designed by fluid mechanics to ensure quick installation, air tightness and anti-capillary water seepage effect.

The polyurethane roof panels are connected by studs and the panels are tightly joined. It has a unique waterproof tank design to prevent rainwater leakage and avoid cold bridges. The polyurethane roof panel has a 40mm peak height, which greatly increases the bearing capacity of the roof panel. While ensuring the insulation effect of the building, it can effectively reduce the cost of the customer's construction, and the roof slope can be as low as 3%.

The PU roof panel machine adopts imported advanced originals and is preferably configured. It integrates imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid and gas to realize automatic control.

Our PU roof panel production is controlled by a smart computer. It uses a temperature-foaming foam to make the raw materials in one piece, and completely integrates various materials. The ruggedness, closure and flatness of polyurethane roof panels far exceed the average composite panel.

This Polyurethane roof panel machine can customize a variety of special types of panels according to customer requirements.

pu roof panel

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