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Rock Wool PU Sandwich Panel Machine/Production Line

Dedicated to the lookup and development of high-end and high-efficiency non-stop rock wool pu sandwich panel machine, Sinowa is comprehensively taking the leading role in phrases of efficiency, automation control level, HMI, surroundings protection and energy consumption, with subversive designs made in some essential technological fields to procure extremely good price overall performance and customer-friendly experience for the complete non-stop sandwich panel line. The adoption of machine integration science and bus manipulate technological know-how accomplishes the full automatization of integrated and coordinated manipulate of the whole rock wool pu sandwich panel manufacturing line with handy far flung interactive communication. Ranking the first-rate stage in the world, it is currently the production line in the market taking a complete lead in high performance.

Performance characteristics of rock wool pu sandwich panel machine produced by our machines
  • Sealing performance: polyurethane sealing side glass fiber wadding core board adopts the production process of assembly line, which makes use of the excellent waterproof property of polyurethane products to overcome the disadvantages of glass fiber cotton being easy to absorb moisture and deliquesce, and effectively extends the service life of the product on physical properties.
  • Appearance performance: the interface is designed according to European standards. The appearance is round and smooth, the plate surface is smooth and beautiful, the joints are tight, the strength is reliable, and the cold and hot bridge is effectively prevented.
  • Good stiffness: the polyurethane double-side sealing glass fiber core material and two layers of steel plate are glued together to work together, and the roof panels  surface has the wave pressure, its overall stiffness is far better than the pressure plate glass fiber board (field composite board). After the sandwich board is fixed with purline through the connecting piece, the whole roof stiffness is greatly improved. Choosing glass fiber wadding core plate, which can adopt larger purline distance, so the purline amount can be reduced by 1/3 ~ 2/3.
  • Reasonable fastening method: polyurethane double-side sealing glass fiber cotton roofing board adopts secret fastening method, which avoids the hidden risk of leakage of roof panel joints and saves the usage of accessories.
  • Firm and reasonable fixed method: polyurethane double-side sealing glass silk and cotton roofing board fixed by special M6 self-tapping screw and purline , which can effectively resist external forces such as typhoon. The self-tapping screw is set at the crest position between the seam of the roof board and the two plates. The special waterproof structure is adopted to avoid the occurrence of waterproof weakness point.
  • Short installation cycle: due to the fact that there is no need for secondary processing on the scene, polyurethane double-sided sealing glass fiber sandwich board can not only keep the surrounding environment clean and not affect the normal operation of other processes, but also greatly shorten the installation cycle of the board. The average daily installation area of glass fiber sandwich board is 600 ~ 800m2.
  • Protection against scratches: when the polyurethane double-sided sealing glass fiber wadding sandwich plate is produced, polyethylene nondrying adhesive protective film can be pasted on the surface to avoid scratch or wear on the surface of the steel plate during transportation and installation.

Sinowa Supplier has world-class polyurethane board production equipment, which uses the world's advanced on-line industrial microcomputer automation operation. We can produce polyurethane wall panel, polyurethane roofing board, polyurethane sealing side glass cotton board, cold storage board, garage door panel, etc.

Rock Wool PU Sandwich Panel
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