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A+B Foaming Machine
  • A+B Foaming Machine
  • A+B Foaming Machine
Sinowa foaming machine SNW-HCG/6-300, not only a cost-effective product but also core equipment for the pu sandwich panel production line, is born under the introduction and digestion of foreign first-class technology. It can work with 2-6 components material of PU.This machine adopts the most leading technology, high-end configuration, so it embraces the following characteristics: multifunction; high automation; accurate measurement, humanized operation; safety device design.

All these characteristics ensure the stable function and accurate sprues, which lead to a comprehensive quality and cost performance.

To linkage control of the foaming machine in PU sandwich panel production line, Sinowa uses the independent control system in foaming machine. Based on the Siemens SCADA system of Sinmatic WinCC, Sinowa provides the powerful system function and friendly user interface by a flexible configuration. It has an open advantage in the control of the foaming machine to ensure highly automated production and stability.

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