Zhenjiang Sinowa Polyurethane Equipment Co., Ltd.

Roll Forming Machine

The roll forming machine is a process to shape various kinds of sheets or metals. The main part of the technique lies in the design of rolling wheel modes. Through many years of experience and experiments, the company continues its professional research and development efforts, utilizes the latest computer technology and incorporates it with sophisticated hydraulic systems to enhance the automatic machinery that produces equipment as precise as required by the client. In order to satisfy the client's needs, we established a department that processes various kinds of specially formed steel for the client; products include electrode collecting plates used in preventing air pollution, stepped tile roofing, classical wall cladding, and some other peripheral parts.

Sinowa company has committed enormous efforts to making roll forming machine take the leader in the filed. Sinowa roll forming equipment insist on efficiency, quality, automated control, environment protection, low energy consumption, product appearance and safety protection. Due to the roll forming machine innovative design made in many critical technologies, our roll forming equipment boasts impressive cost performance and customer experience.

  • Gutter Roll Forming Machine

    Gutter Roll Forming Machine

    2019-07-16 Sinowa Gutter Roll Forming Machine has automatic, high speed roll forming line, whose production speed can reach 30m/min (including cutting & punching), multiple profiles can be produced through quick...
  • C/Z/U Roll Forming Machine

    C/Z/U Roll Forming Machine

    2017-12-26 Sinowa offers C-type and Z-type purline production lines for various plate cuts. Without exceptions, they are all the fruition of the efforts made by the technical R&D team of Sinowa, with feature...
  • Double Layer Roof Roll Forming Machine

    Double Layer Roof Roll Forming Machine

    2017-12-26 The roof and wall roll forming machine developed and manufactured by Sinowa is highly cost-effective. on our products to excel our counterparts and taking the leading in terms of quality and efficienc...
  • Doors/ Windows Roll Forming Machine

    Doors/ Windows Roll Forming Machine

    2017-12-26 Sinowa Doors/windows, curtain wall, partition system roll forming machine is the unique manufacturer in China. specializing in the research and development, sales for Doors/windows, curtain wall, part...
  • Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

    Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine

    2017-12-26 Highway Guardrail is product by the high quality material, which made by cold bending process. they use for the way and the bridge, and their features are Sturdy, general, beautiful, easy to install a...