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Sinowa Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line Successfully Passed The Saudi Arabia Customer Acceptance

Yesterday, Saudi Arabia customer come to me factory to text run the continuous polyurethane sandwich panel production line , this pu sandwich panel production line embodies all employees of the company nearly six months of sweat and effort, for the customer's inspection, the company maded a careful arrangement. there was one big piece missing from the puzzle.

As the machine starts, the client involuntarily station to the laminating machine of the discharge port, can be described as breath-hold your breath, and finally the finished plate from the discharge port ,by cutting and visual inspection, it is completely in line with predetermined requirements, suddenly everyone cheered up, Saudi Arabia the client a thumbs-up, constantly saying "This machine is very good."

This pu sandwich panel line will soon be send to Saudi Arabia, welcome all over the world customer come to viste sinowa pu continuous sandwich panel line and roll forming machine!
PU Sandwich Panel Line
PU Sandwich Panel Line